Thursday, August 13, 2009

Primitive Folk Art Dolls

This last month and this month have gone by in a whirl wind and it doesn't seem to be slowing down much.

I thought it was past time that I gave you a update, so here it is.

These photos are of some of the dolls I've been working on, there are several more in various stages that are being made that aren't pictured at this time.

The first girl is Ruby and her Dolly. The second girl is Daisy and her Dolly. Ruby and Daisy are 2 of my favorite black dolls that I have made to date(I think) They turned out beautifully. Their big brown eyes seem to hold a bit of that childhood innocence. They look as thought they are going to have a tea party with their dollies. They are bout 23" tall and their dolls are about 8" tall. Both Ruby and Daisy have wire in their arms so they can hold their dollies.

The next little fellow is a Halloween character doll. I named him Pumpkin Head. He has his own jack-o-lantern. His arms are bent so that he can hold it too. His face is needle sculpted. He was inspired by the old Halloween decorations of the 20's and 30's. He is a unique character for sure. He is approximately 14" tall.

Next is a Raggedy Annie and her Baby. Raggedy Ann dolls never go out of style, do they? She looks like the perfect mother, Her needle sculpted face has so much personality she will definitely win your heart. Annie is about 13" tall and Baby is about 8" tall.

Last but not least is Booker and his Pup. Every boy needs a pup and Booker loves holding this little one. The pup is button jointed. Booker has wire in his arms so that he can hang on the that squirmy little pup too. Booker is about 23" tall, Pup is about 8" long. He has the cutest stubby tail too!

If you want to see more photo's of these dolls 0r to read a better description please visit the Doll_Shoppe_Prims Photo Gallery.

Booker Daisy and Ruby are sold (I think, I am waiting for confirmation on that.) It is possible that the Annie doll is sold too.

There are several more dolls in the making. Including, the Fairy - Her wings are all painted now! A Older woman, possibly a church lady or a farm lady, we'll have to see how she turns out. More elves, another version of the Pumpkin Head doll, a brother for my Belindy dolls, and more. Yes, I have been very busy!

I have a busy weekend ahead of me, will be leaving tomorrow and be back Sunday evening. Then back to work on those dollies!

Thanks for stopping by.
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