Friday, August 29, 2008

Dolly Update!

This has been a short week! In the time that I have had to work on the dolls
this is what I have accomplished.
The Izannah Walker inspired doll now has all her underclothes. A camisole, split drawers and a slip. I put double rows of cotton lace on each piece. The camisole has pearl beads and loop closures up the back, and the front has lace and a row of pearl beads. The split drawers and the slip both have a cotton draw string at the waist.

I have begun working on her dress, the bodice is blue floral, pleated all the way around. She will have puffed sleeves made of a solid blue with cuffs out of the floral. The dress skirt will be in the floral pattern, but the over-skirt will be the solid blue with lace on it.

The black doll is my new design. I am really happy the way it is turning out. It will definitely be another character.

The shoulder head, lower arms and lower legs will be painted, the body will be stained with tea and coffee.

It has it's second coat of paint now I am ready to paint the flesh color. Most of my black dolls are done in a deep umber color, I am not sure that I want to go that dark on this one, I may lighten it a shade or two.

This size of this doll is about 22-23".

I really like the body design, I think I will also be making some dolls with this body design in a smaller size.

I don't have any new photo's of the mystery doll this time, hopefully I will be able to work on it some this weekend and post some photo's next week.

Have a great holiday weekend.
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

This Week At The Doll*Shoppe

I was finally able to get the old fashioned primitive pet doll - Ophelia listed on eBay.

I have some new idea's brewing for some other primitive dolls. I'll get to work on them this week. I also need to get to work making some more Victorian style bunnies as the last one of those has been sold.

I NEED to make some clothes for the Izannah Walker inspired doll this week. She will be dressed in shades of blue to match her eyes.

The part of the mystery doll I have shown you today is the arms. It has l-o-n-g wicked fingers. I am going to be doing quite a bit of needle sculpting on this one. Since I am not planning on having it finished until the end of September, I will have plenty of time to add a lot of details. Any guesses what this mystery Halloween doll is is going to be?
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to Work in the Morning

I'm back - Ready to rest up tonight so that I can get back to work in the morning. Vacations are fun but they sure make ya tired, I'll sleep good tonight for sure.

Seems only one of my scheduled auctions actually launched onto eBay last Sunday due to a technical error. So I guess this coming Sunday I will be launching the Ophelia doll auction.

Ruthie, the mystery doll is not a bird. Keep guessing.
I will make the arms in the next couple of days and try to get a photo posted.

Thanks to all of those who have stopped by in the last week. Come back again!

Monday, August 11, 2008

VACATION TIME ~ August 12-20th

All orders received August 12- 20th will be processed and filled August 21st in the order that they were received on a first come basis.

I will be back August 21st.

I appreciate you for checking in on the Doll*Shoppe. Please come back soon.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Dolls, Ebay Auctions and The Mystery Doll

I have been so busy this week getting all the loose ends tied up so that I can go on vacation the 12-20th.

I have scheduled eBay auctions to launch on Sunday, August 17th. The Little Patriot Drummer Boy and the Old Fashioned Pet Doll Ophelia will be listed.

The Drummer Boy is a great piece of folk art for those who collect patriotic or primitive pieces.

Ophelia is has such a sweet character about her, she makes you wonder what she is thinking about with that sad, somber, thoughtful look she has.

The little black Raggedy Ann style doll, Annie is listed for sale in my Doll*Shoppe at the Olde Primitive Sisters Marketplace.

The Belindy doll is already sold, but I just had to post a picture of her finished for you to see. She is quite a little character.

I have been working on my - Halloween doll. It is something different, that's for sure. The leg picture I posted above belongs to it. I am going to keep you guessing on what it is until it is finished. Hmmm, a mystery doll - what could that that leg could belong too???

The new body I designed is going to be very useful and versatile for use in future projects. I really like it and may make a lady series using the design.

Tomorrow I will finish tying up the loose ends so that I can enjoy my vacation. I will return the 2oth.

Orders placed during August 12th - 20th will be filled on a first come basis when I return.

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sneak Peek Preview : Annie and Belindy

Annie and her bestest friend Belindy are almost finished. Here's a sneak peek preview of this adorable pair of primitive dolls.

Their clothing needs a few more final touches before I can say they are finished. A few more patches, and then they need to be aged and stained.

I had been going to make a black Annie for some time now, and I figured she might get lonely so, of course I had to make Belindy too. I swear when you look at them together you can almost hear the little girl giggles of these two.

They are approximately 13" tall.

I used mohair for the hair on both dolls. It is lightly glued and needle felted into place.

Belindy has 16 ribbons in her hair, quite a job tying all those little boogers, but it was worth it. The hair style suits her. She must like it, she's got a big smile!

I will finish them up and post them in my Doll Shoppe at the Olde Primitive Sisters Marketplace this week sometime.

I will post a finished picture of them here, when their clothes are ready, they're so cute I can't help but to show them off!

I am not going to post any eBay auctions this week. I have 9 days left before I leave on vacation so I have a lot to do this week to get ready to go.

Have a great day my friends
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