Saturday, April 25, 2009

What's New? More Primitive dolls !

It's been a while - a long while since I've updated. Guess it's about time!

I've been working steadily lately to fill orders for primitive dolls that have came in.

The first photo is of Elf dolls in progress, is it ever to early to think of Christmas? These are a different version than the 2008 Elf Dolls. These will be button jointed at the shoulders and hips.

The 2nd photo is of Belindy dolls. Everyone seems to love Belindy. These 4 dolls are in various stages of painting. The other doll that is in with the Belindy's will probably have a paper clay face added to her. I am not sure what I want her to be yet, I am thinking of making her into an old fashioned style doll of the 40's - you know, with the side glancing eyes and cute little nose.

The 3rd photo is of 4 Patriots, 1 Mammy and one Snowman that are in the making. I do the patriots are already all spoken for.
The Mammy will have a paper clay sculpted face, I haven't yet decided if her hair will be sculpted or if it will be rooted mohair.
The snowman, I think, will be really cute when he is done.

The Olde Primitive Sisters site has moved, and my Doll*Shoppe has moved along with it! Please visit me at:Doll*Shoppe Primitives and Collectibles I only have 2 dolls for sale in there now, but am working on more so please visit often.

Thanks, and Have a GREAT DAY!!!