Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Elves and Fairy Progress

Just finished up 4 more elves.
They all turned out really cute.

Candy Cane Elf is all done up in red and off white stripes. He had on mittens that have a candy canes painted on them, his shoes also have candy canes onnd Settings\Administrator\Desktop\Fairy Progress\Fairy Progress1.jpg them. He has jingle bells sewn to his hat and on his shoe laces. His shirt, shirt cuffs and pant cuffs are laced with green embroidery thread. He has pretty green eyes that seem to look up at you.

Jingles Elf is done up in the traditional colors of red and green. He had jingle bells sewn down the front of his shirt instead of buttons. He has jingle bells on his shirt cuffs and pant cuffs and on his hat. He is holding a big jingle bell ornament. With all those bells what else could I call him but Jingle. His name is painted on the brim of his hat.

Holly Elf is adorable! He is winking. He was a little more time consuming to paint than the others because he has holly leaves painted on his hat cuff, shirt cuffs, pant cuffs and belt. He also has a holly leaf collar that has a jingle bell at the center front.

The Snowman Elf is the 4th one. He is wearing overalls with a snow man painted on the front bib. He has Snowmen on his hat and shoes too!

They are all a little over 17" with their hats on, without them they are about 13" or 14" tall.

Instead of rusted buttons at the joints I used pewter buttons.

Like I said they are all so cute!

More photo's of them can be seen at the Doll_Shoppe_Prims photo gallery

THE FAIRY - Update.......
The fairy is coming along, I made 4 pairs of wings before I was satisfied with how they turned out.
The wings in the picture still need to painted some, I need to line all the colors with black.
I struggled with deciding what type of head to put on her. I thought of making her more realistic looking with beautiful human features but decided she was going to more of a character doll. She has an impish, happy face. She will be funny, cute and sweet when she is finished.

Other News
The rest of today I will be re-organizing my work room. I have acquired a 1893 Singer Sphinx Treadle Machine. It is wonderful! It is made with such a good quality to be 116 years old and still working like a dream.
I learned to sew on old treadle - it brings back good memories.

I will be working on the fairy in between working on filling orders. I'll keep you all updated on her progress.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Primitive Folk Art Fairies - The Body Designs

The Primitive Folk Art Garden Fairy Dolls are coming together.

I have designed the bodies for both the medium sized fairies and the Fairy Queen.
The Medium sized body is similar to that of the Patriot Dolls but thinner and with a bit of a waist line. The arms and legs are thin with delicate ankles and wrist's. They will have little shoes that are turned up at the toes.
I haven't yet decided on what kind of head to put on her, I will be thinking of that today and making that tomorrow.

The Fairy Queen Doll has a much more adult style body. She will be approximately 22" - 24" when finished.

I haven't yet decided on what type of wings to put on them, I think the medium sized garden fairies will have colorful butterfly style wings.

Today I am taking the little ones to the zoo, tomorrow back to work.
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