Monday, September 29, 2008

Booker and Chloe - 2 Primitive Black Folk Art Dolls + more

Booker - a Primitive Black Folk Art Boy Doll

Booker is quite the little guy. I had made him a proper pair of blue slacks, but I could tell he didn't want to wear them. So I ended up making him a pair of overalls. The overalls are made out of a cotton material, not as heavy as ticking but it has the same design. I have stained them with coffee and patched the knee. His shirt is checked homespun. He also is wearing a pair of muslin shorts under his overalls.

Booker's hair is made of mohair roving and lightly glued and needle felted into place. I like the short hair on him.

I still have to make him something to hold, I was thinking a frog, but them other thoughts keep coming to mind. Maybe he wants a chicken, or a puppy. He may even get a baby bunny. I still am not sure what it will be.

Chloe - A Primitive Folk Art Black Girl Doll

Chloe, my little girl doll is very sweet. She has a red and white cotton dress and muslin bloomers that are trimmed with red and white material that matches the dress.

I had made her hair ribbons to tie her puppy tails with but they didn't look right, so I will be making her some others. Her hair is also made of mohair roving.

She will be holding a little doll, which I still have to make.

More Belindy's In The Making

The box of dolls that I am working on are all Belindy dolls. I have had several people ask if I had anymore of them so ................I'm working on them!

The Belindy doll was inspired by Raggedy Ann's best friend - Belindy. These dolls are my version of that Belindy. If you want to see what they look like finished you will find an album in My Photo Gallery of Belindy. If course they will not be exactly the same but they will be similar to the one in the gallery.

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Primitive Black Dolls and Folk Art Dolls - In The Making

The 2 Primitive Black Dolls
The black dolls that I was working on are coming along great.

They are both ready to be dressed and have some hair put on them.

They are approximately 22 1/2" tall now - without hair.

The little girl will be dressed in a red and white dress with a bow tied in the back. I think I will give her puppy tails tied with white bows. She is a real cutie. Her name is Chloe.

And the handsome little boy will be dressed in blue homespun pants and a green checked shirt. I have decided to name him Booker. He is a real heart stealer with those big brown eyes.

Both of these dolls have wire in their arms so that they can hold something. I will be making a doll for the girl, I am not sure yet what Booker will hold.

The Christmas Elf

This little guy is adorable. He is so funny, I laugh everytime I look at the profile of his little face. He is approximately 16" tall. His shoes and socks are painted in traditional Christmas colors.
He has very pretty green eyes that seem to be full of mischief. I will give mohair hair, I haven't yet decided if it will be dark brown or blonde. His arms are also wired to hold something. I haven't named him yet but I am sure by the time he is dressed I will know just who he is.

Other Folk Art Dolls in The Making
The 2 sawdust filled dolls that I was working on are only on their second coat of paint. I hope to have them finished (or close to it) by the end of the week.

The Halloween Mystery Doll - A Devil

The Halloween mystery doll I have been working on is not a mystery anymore. You can tell by the photo that he is a devil. I really like the way he looks so far.

This week I hope to finish up most of these, and I need to start on some others that are special orders.
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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meet Abbey - a Black Folk Art Primitive Doll

Meet Abbey,
she is the newest black primitive doll. I just finished her this evening.

Isn't she cute?

Abbey is the doll I was previously working on. I had planned on making a man doll but she emerged instead. And that's o.k. - sometimes you just don't know who will come out in the end when you start making a doll.

Abbey is approximately 22 1/2 " tall. Her little doll that she holds is just a little over 8 1/2" tall.

She has mohair hair that is kind of wild, I was going to style it differently but I really liked the untamed look on her.

Her face is needle sculpted. She has big brown eyes, and blushed cheeks.

Her dress is made of cotton fabrics, the bodice is checked green and off white as are the cuffs on the sleeves. The dress skirt is a double skirt that is made of a off white cotton gauze fabric. The bow in her hair is of fabric that matches the skirt. Her pantaloons are made of muslin trimmed with checked fabric that matches the dress bodice.
Abbey's socks and shoes are painted on. I attached brass buttons to her shoes.
All of her clothing is lightly stained with coffee to give it an aged appearance.

Abbey's little doll is made of muslin, like Abbey. I painted on the shirt and bloomers and sewed the skirt on to her. The skirt is not hemmed.

I think I will put Abbey and her little doll up for sale on eBay this coming Sunday.

Dolls in The Making
The group of unfinished dolls is what I am currently working on. The bigger ones have the same basic body design as what Abbey has, but I have made some improvements. I have put wire in the arms so that they can hold things better and made the feet larger. There are also some that are like these only a smaller size, approximately 15-16 inches. One of these smaller ones will be a Christmas elf. Also in the group photo there are 2 sawdust filled pet dolls.

That's about it for now, I need to get busy on the others, and work some more on my Halloween Mystery doll.

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Saturday, September 6, 2008

I have finished dressing the Izannah Walker inspired doll.
As I said before her dress is a blue print and a solid blue. The overskirt is solid blue.
There are yards of cotton lace on her underclothing and dress. All the lace was hand stitched into place.
The bonnet is lined with buckram and has a faux pearl decoration on the sides.
All her clothing is lightly stained with coffee to give it an aged appearance.

Black Doll Update
The black doll is coming along, I have decided to go ahead and paint the body also. I have only done one coat of paint on the lips and have started the eyes. There is still a bit of painting left to do on him. He will have mohair hair that is felted into place.

Mystery Doll
The needle sculpting on the Halloween mystery doll is finished (I think) Any guesses on what it is going to turn out to be? If you scroll through my last few posts you can see photos of the the legs and arms. Any guesses?

Other projects
I have cut out several dolls to sew. Including a couple of dolls in a smaller size that are similar to the most recent black doll I am working on. A few new Pet dolls (those with their names across their chest's like the old pet china dolls.) And a couple of others the same size that are similar to the black doll above.

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