Friday, October 31, 2008

Elf Update and Other Happenings

The past 2 weeks have been very busy around here.

4 More Elves Finished.

I improved the body a bit compared to the last one. The armature in the arms is more stable, and they are able to hold things better than before.
And I made the collars differently by making petals of fabric and overlapping them. I think it looks very old fashioned elfish. I also made 3 of them with pointed elf shoes instead of the rounded toes.

A Papa Elf with gray whiskers and a balding head. He is approximately 23" tall. He has blue eyes.

The large Girl Elf is also approximately 23" tall. She has red hair done up in puppy tails and tied with green embroidery floss. Like most red heads she has green eyes.

The Snow Girl Elf in shades of blue with snowflake print on it is approximately 16" tall she has blond hair. Her blue eyes match her outfit.

The Boy Elf is also approximately 16" tall, his hair is a light blond. He has green impish eyes and a cute little smile.

All the elves have rooted mohair hair. The hair is lightly glued and needle felted into place. Their features are painted, as are the shoes and stockings. The clothing is lightly stained with coffee to give the appearance of a vintage piece.

There are more pictures of them in my Doll_Shoppe_Prims Gallery

Other News and Why I haven't been around to update my blog.

My Great Great Niece decided she wanted to enter into this world early. She came October 29, 2008 weighing in at 3 Lbs 2 Oz. She is 16 1/4" long.
What a cutie, perfect in every way - like a tiny little doll.
She is healthy and will be going home from the hospital next week.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Christmas Elf and a More

The Christmas Elf
The Christmas Elf is finished and will be on his way to his new home tomorrow. He is such a whimsical little fellow, full of personality.
New Items In My Store
I have updated and added new items to my store Doll*Shoppe Primitives at The Olde Primitive Sisters Marketplace. I added 2 more Belindy dolls and Chloe and her own Little Belindy Doll. I will be adding more to it in the near future so check back everyonce and while to see what is new.

Notice to All the Doll Makers and Crafters
A Great Place to Sell your Creations !
The Olde Primitive Sisters Marketplace is a fantastic web based mall to sell your wares.
I'm excited to be able to share this with all my fellow doll makers and crafters ! They are now accepting new vendors.

So if you have thought about setting up a web site or store on line this is a great opportunity for you. The cost is very affordable, cheaper than most places by far!

The owner does quite a bit of advertising so there are a lot of visitors coming and going to check out the products available.

Support is available through the owner or other members.

No, I'm not getting paid to post this - selling my creations through the Olde Primitive Sisters Marketplace works great for me and I just thought if you were looking for a way to sell your creations you might want to give it a try. For the small monthly fee you get a world wide audience to introduce your art too. It's much cheaper and easier than trying to do craft shows.

If you want more information just click on this link and check it out. The Olde Primitive Sisters Marketplace

What I'm Working On.
More elves! May be a girl elf or 2 , and I think one will become and old gray haired elf. These are so cool! Just making them makes me laugh when I look at their little funny elfy faces!

I also have a couple of Pet dolls that I am painting. I think this time I will make one into a black doll. I love the classic look of these old time dolls.

Back to work for me. Hope you all have a great weekend and come back soon to see what's new at the Doll*Shoppe!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

4 Belindy's are finished! Primitve Black Folk Art Dolls

The 4 Belindy dolls I had started are now finished!

At least one of them is already taken, the other 3 will be listed soon In The Doll*Shoppe at the Olde Primitive Sisters Marketplace.

Belindy is Raggedy Ann's best friend. She wears red and yellow clothing, and is as cute as she can be.

Pictures of the 4 that I have just finished are available for viewing in my Doll_Shoppe_Prims Gallery. Each of them is a bit different, than the other. Some have thick hair some have sparse hair.

They are made of muslin, stuffed with fiberfill and painted head to toe, sanded and stainedto give them a primitive antiqued look. They are button jointed at the shoulders and hips with lightly rusted tin buttons.

They are wearing red and yellow dresses, muslin pantaloons and muslin aprons. All their clothing has been sanded, stained and patched to give them a well worn vintage look. 2 of the dresses have skirts made of yellow and white plaid with a cherry print on it.

All of the Belindy's shoes and stockings are painted on. The shoes are tied with waxed black thread.

What else is happening?

I am still working on the elves, but they are coming along and I should have a picture or two to post by the end of the week.

I have put dark brown mohair hair on the first elf that was previously pictured and made him a little pair of overalls that are off white with green snowflakes on them. His shirt is made of dark green homespun fabric with a deep burgandy collar and cuffs. I'll let you take a peek at him at the end of the week.

Thanks for stopping in. Please come again.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Chloe and Little Belindy - 2 Primitive Black Folk Art Dolls

Chloe and Her Little Belindy Doll

I have put the finishing touches on Chloe and made her a Little Belindy doll to hold.

They are absolutely adorable together!

The Little Belindy doll turned out so cute! I have given her a sparse hair do, done up in little tufts and tied with strips of left over material from her dress and pantaloons. She is button jointed at the shoulders and hips.

Chloe and her dolly, Little Belindy are scheduled to Ebay for this afternoon. I do hope they find a good home. The auction will end this coming Sunday afternoon 10/12/08. There will be a link at the bottom of this page to take you there as soon as she is listed.

I have posted an album of these 2 dolls in DollShoppe Prims Photo Gallery. Take a look at them and see if you agree how cute they are.

What's in The Making
I have been sewing like a mad woman this last week. Trying to catch up on orders and put some more dolls back into my Olde Primitive Sisters Market Place Store. I have Christmas Elves in 2 sizes, 22" and 16" in the making, more Pet Dolls, and even another Little Patriot.

Back to work for me.......................

..................Thanks for stopping by! Come back again and see what's in the making at the Doll*Shoppe.