Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Newest Primitive Patriot Dolls

Just finished up these 4 dolls today. I was getting bored with the plain faces so I spiced them up a bit.

The Town Crier Patriot Doll has a rusty bell with a wooden handle. He is approximately 14" tall.
I painted his mouth in a open position, after all a town cryer is not a quiet fellow.

The Winker Patriot Doll is so cute. He is winking of course. He is wearing a green shirt and his eye that is open is green. His hair is a reddish color and he has the cutest little freckles sprinkled across his cheeks. He looks like he could be a mischievous little fellow. He is carrying a Gadsden Flag. He is also approximately 14" tall. I have attached his arms and legs with pewter buttons instead of the rusty tin ones.

The Blond Patriot Doll is carrying a 13 star American Flag. He has blue eyes and is wearing a reddish/brown colored shirt. I really like the way his shirt color turned out. He is approximately 14" tall.

The Uncle Sam has got to be the cutest Uncle Sam I have made to date. He is approximately 14" tall with out his hat. His hat is about 4" tall and when he has it on he is about 16" tall. He is wearing the tradional red white and blue colors. His hat band has 13 stars painted around it. He is carrying a 13 star American Flag in one hand and a Gadsden flag in the other. His boots are painted and laced with heavy waxed thread.

You can see more pictures of the new dolls at my Doll Shoppe Prims Gallery

The Belindy dolls that I had listed in my store have sold.

I had to raise the postage fees on the dolls listed in my store to reflect post office's raised rates. Remember at the new store the postage cost is figured into the dolls price.
There is only one doll listed there now. Doll Shoppe Primitive and Collectibles at the Olde Primitive Sisters Marketplace.

I will be leaving for 12 days on Thursday the 21st. Hopefully I will have one more update before I go.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Belindy Dolls Are Now Available

Belindy Dolls Are Available.
These 2 primitive black folk art dolls are now available in The Doll Shoppe Primitives and Collectibles store at the Olde Primitive Sisters Marketplace.
Thanks for looking!
Thanks for stopping by at the Doll Shoppe.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Belindy Primitive Dolls Are Finished

Three of the new Belindy dolls are finished.
And finally I had a nice day to take photos of them.

They are all approximately 14" tall. They are made of muslin and painted in layers, sanding between each layer and given a final coat of stain to give them a primitive look. Their clothing is also distressed, aged, sanded and patched.

All of these have mohair hair that is lightly glued and needle felted into place.

There are a lot more photo's of each doll in my Doll Shoppe Prims Photo Gallery. Check them out.

If you recall, I did have 4 that I was working on. I ran out of mohair and had to order it for the 4th doll, so she is sitting in my work room bald as a newly hatched blue-jay waiting patiently for her hair.

One of these Belindy dolls has been spoken for. As soon as Rose picks which one she wants the other 2 will be listed in my store at the Olde Primitive Sisters MarketPlace.

The cost for a primitive Belindy doll is $50.00 + 7.50 shipping to the lower 48 United States. If you live elsewhere please email me and I will figure the shipping price for you.

Now I must get to work on the Patriots. I know the ones who ordered them are looking forward to seeing them finished.

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