Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Got A Blog Award

I just received this award on my blog. It was given to me by my fellow Prim Sister and Doll Maker, Bev of Heartland Creations.

Bev is a great doll maker herself so this award is quite an honor. Thanks Bev!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Primitive Christmas Elves on ebay

Primitive Christmas Elves On eBay

I just listed a couple of Christmas Elves on eBay.
I haven't listed there in a while and thought maybe some of you would like a chance to bid them.

There are only 2 more that I have left to finish. So if you're in the market for elves - now's your chance.

All of the others that were pictured on here a while back have been made and sent to their new homes.

These two are a boy and a girl. They make a cute brother and sister elf set, and would be so cute peeking out from under a Christmas tree.

They measure about 16" tall and have whimsical 3-D needle sculpted faces.

They have been painted in layers and sanded between each layer and stained to give them the appearance of an antique toy.

Their clothing is all cotton and has been lightly stained with coffee to give it an aged look.

They have wire in their arms, so that they can be posed or they can hold items such as small gift, or maybe a candy dish.

Their socks and boots are painted on. The boy's boots have cotton laces with jingle bells. The girls boots are an old fashioned style and have buttons up the sides.

They both have mischievous green eyes.

This was the last of my reindeer print material. I really liked how well the pattern fit in with a primitive theme.

Like I said earlier, I only have 2 more elves to finish and then, I will be done making them for 2008. It's a good thing, I'm about elfed-out for this year.

I already have visions of new primitive dolls and animals for 2009 in my head.

Thanks for stopping by the Doll*Shoppe !