Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lucy And Ella

Lucy and Ella are my 2 newest Pet dolls.

These 2 sweet girls are up for sale in my store at: Doll*Shoppe Primitives and Collectibles which is located at The Olde Primitive Sisters MarketPlace.

They are approximately 23" tall. These 2 are made from my own original patterns.

They have a painted shoulder head, lower arms and lower legs. They are painted in layers, sanded between each layer and stained. This process gives them the look of an antique toy.

Both of these girls turned out very nice, with such sweet faces.

Ella is the first black Pet doll that I have made, She is very pretty and I think I will be making more black pet dolls in the future. After all, she would get lonely without sisters, wouldn't she?

Thanks for checking in at the Doll*Shoppe.
Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Busy Time Of Year - More Elves and Pet Dolls

I am so far behind - it seems as if I may never catch up!
I've been dealing with some on going health issues that have slowed me down a bit. But I'm still making dollies! Just at a slower pace these days.

These Christmas Elves and Pet Dolls are pending the approval of one of my great customers.

The Elf Family

They turned out cute! I really like the Granny and Grandpa. I put little spectacles on the Granny. It adds so much to her personality.

I dressed the old couple in a nice flannel that is a deep burgundy wine color and trimmed their outfits in green and off white checked homespun fabric. Granny doesn't get a hat, it would mess up her hair - don't ya know.
The younger ones are dressed in sage green print and burgundy and off white homespun fabric.
They are all such characters with their impish smiles and glancing eyes.


I finally finished my black Pet Doll. I named her Ella. She has a sweet face, I really like the way she turned out.

The other 2 Pet Dolls, Lucy and Olivia are also very nice. I gave them a light color skin tone and brown eyes. That combination with the dark black hair gives the wonderful impression of an old antique china doll.

Back to work for me ........................... gotta get those orders filled!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another Dolly Update

I have been busy sewing.

Everyone who has ordered dolls be assured they are in the making.

The ones in the photo are a mixture of Elves, patriots, pet dolls and Christmas dolls. There should be 22 dolls in the photo and I have 10 more that are in various stages of completion.

I will be so glad when these are finished as I am bursting with fresh new ideas for dolls and animals that I would like to make.

There is a new design on some of the elves that I am making, they will be jointed at the shoulders and hips with lightly rusted metal buttons.

Thanks for checking in, I hope to have better photo's and another update for you all soon.

Have a great week!