Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pretty Old Fashioned Girls

Here are some of the latest primitive dolls.

Meet Pepi, Grace, Ophelia and Sophia.

These old fashioned dolls are part of the Pet Doll Series.

They are approximately 23 inches tall.

The shoulder head, lower arms and lower legs are painted and aged to give the dolls a beautiful antiqued look.

Their dresses are all cotton materials, they have been aged, by sanding, patching and staining.

They each have their own individual personalities.

All of them have painted brown eyes and black hair. They look like sisters. The legs are a little fatter on these than Mary's legs. But they still are proportioned with the doll and look very nice.

This group of dolls are pending sale, so they are not available in my store.
If you would like one similar to these, please contact me to place an order. You can choose your eye and hair color. And let me know what name you would like on your doll. The cost is $45.00 per doll plus shipping.

They are sweet dolls with an old fashioned primitive flair.

I also have started a pair of dolls, one is a black Raggedy Ann type doll and the other is her pal Belindy. Right now they sit naked and bald in my work room, waiting patiently for me to finish them. They have such cute little faces. I am going to needle felt black mohair in for the hair on them. I should be able to post photo's of them in a couple of days.

Back to work for me - Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Little Patriot - Drummer Boy

More primitive Americana!
Here's the newest Little Patriot, The Drummer Boy.
He is approximately 13 1/2" tall. He is the first Little Patriot with straight legs.

His clothing is made as a part of the doll then painted on. He has little buttons up the front of his shirt and on the sleeve cuffs. His breeches are painted in a brown shade, they too have buttons on the sides of the cuffs. His little belt buckle is made of metal and has been aged. He also has little buckles on his old fashioned shoes. The shoes and stockings are also painted on.

His tri-corner hat was made separately and can be removed from his head.

His painted on hair is a lighter brown than the other brown haired patriots, it has a bit of a reddish tint to it.

His eyes are blue, his lips red and his cheeks have been blushed.

In his hands he holds his drumsticks, these have been carved out of wood.

His drum is made of muslin, painted in layers and sanded just like the doll was. On the front of the drum I have painted an American eagle emblem like the one on the Seal of the United States. It is complete with 13 stars , 13 stripes, 14 arrows and an olive branch. The ribbon in the eagles mouth has E Pluribus Unum written on it, which is Latin for "Out of Many, One."

This little fellow is $75.00. If he is hasn't sold by Sunday 7/27/08. I will be listing him on eBay.

More photo's will be available of Little Patriot Drummer Boy within the next day or two. You will be able to view them in my gallery at: Doll*Shoppe Primitives and Collectibles Gallery

Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Old Fashioned Pet Dolls

This is Mary and Emma.
Both of these sweet girls are part of the Old Fashioned Pet Dolls series, inspired by the pet china dolls of the late 1800's.

Mary is approximately 23" tall.

Emma is a petite 12" tall.

Both girls have a painted shoulder head, lower arms and lower legs. The paint is applied in layers and sanded between each layer, then stained. This gives the doll a lovely antique look. This process also makes the painted parts have a feel to them that is much like the feel of leather. Their clothing is aged by sanding. patching and staining with coffee.

If you would like to see more photo's of them and a more in depth description please visit My Marketplace Store or my Photo Gallery later this evening.

The newest of the Little Patriot Series is still in the making. He is a little different than the Little Patriots that have come before him. This one has straight legs instead of those that are bent at the knee. He is a drummer boy so he is carrying his drum instead of a flag. I will have him finished, and pictures will be posted by the end of the week.

Other exciting news this week, I finally purchased THE sewing machine that I have wanted for years. It's a 1940's model Singer Featherweight. If you are a doll or quilt maker, you know the machine I am talking about, everyone wants one! I have a 1963 featherweight that I use consistently to make my dolls but I have drooled over the earlier versions of the Featherweight for the last 25 years. Unfortunately the average price for one in the shops is between $600.00 - $700.00. More than a little over my budget.

I got this one from a fellow who was moving and just wanted to sell his Granny's old machine that had been stored for years int he attic. He gave me a great deal on it, (a FANTASTIC deal) - so I am the proud owner of a awesome old Singer Featherweight, and it runs like a dream and is in perfect condition.

More dollies are in the making! I am going to start another Annie doll (maybe 2) this week, sew some clothing for one of my Izannah Walker inspired dolls, and hopefully get around to working on some other's that I have been thinking of for a while now.

Have a great evening and thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wow - I haven't posted on here in days!
Sometimes life gets busy, that's o.k. - it's all good.

I will have at least 4 days this week where I will be working on my primitive dolls.

There are 4 in the making right now.
I also have another of the Izannah walker inspired dolls that I need to get dressed. I have picked out a blue homespun material, like Thaddeus Monroe's suit was made out of, and a contrasting floral cotton that matches the weave of the blue pretty well.
If this week goes as planned (keep your fingers crossed.) I will be able to post pictures of them by the end of the week.

I have new ideas! I have been sketching some new dolls today. I will try to get some of them cut out this week, while finishing the others.

Have a great week!
Check back in for updates.

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